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Oklahoma Hog Hunts

100% Free Range Feral Hogs. The Kiamichi River area is where we conduct our Oklahoma Hog and Varmint hunts. This area has a Feral Hog problem.

Oklahoma Cabin Rental

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

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We had a spectacular time and the stay was VERY relaxing! Beautiful quiet setting, comfortable stay with wonderful accomodations.

Hogs Harvested

Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see. Book your Oklahoma Hog Hunt with us.

Hog Cams

Here are some public albums of some of the Hogs on the property. Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see.

10+ Years of Hogs

See our hog game cam photos for over a decade - so many hogs at Fish Farm Outfitters, it's a hunters dream.

The Cabin

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

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Rick Thompson has been hunting and fishing world-wide and has over 30 years of outdoor experience.

A Typical Oklahoma Hog Hunt

A Typical Oklahoma Hog Hunt with Fish Farm Outifitters – What You Can Expect



If arriving from a long drive, you may arrive the night before your hunt (typicall $50 lodging fee total, not per person). Your hunt would begin the following morning.



Using the maps and discussion with Fish Farm Outfitters staff you conduct reconnaissance/hunt the property the next morning to get a lay of the land and locate the blinds and feeders. The blinds comfortably accommodate two hunters and can accommodate three if the action is heavy in one particular area.  If you would rather hunt the feeders in a tree stand, each feeder has a two man tree stand available as well. Harnesses for the tree stands are found on the cabin porch. There is no excuse not to wear a harness for tree stand hunting and it is a requirement. You can hunt the blinds or the feeders depending on weather, wind and preference. Check the blinds/feeders and make sure you understand where the feeder will be and the surroundings as everything is different at night.

You may bring your own hog baits, no problem. We just ask that you put them greater than 20 yards from our normal corn feeding/feeders. Old produce, diner grease, old donuts, ‘stank bait’, jello, ‘hog wild’ or like product and many more are welcome.

Feel free to put your own game cameras on the feeders to see what is coming in when you aren’t hunting. You can’t hunt 24/7 for 3 days!



Once you’re satisfied that you know where everything is, hunt/retreat back to the cabin and either go fishing on the river or socialize with your friends. It is recommended you try to take a nap late in the afternoon on the first day to recover from the drive and so that you are rested for night hunting. Once you are rested and as darkness approaches move silently back to your chosen blind or tree stand.

If you have rented our feeder lights make sure they are working by covering the light sensor (if not dark yet) and moving your hand in front of the motion sensor. We strive to have everything working but extra batteries are available if you need to swap during your hunt. Likewise ask about the times the feeders go off. You can always use the ‘test’ button to put more corn out if needed.

Hunter and Rifle with Big Adult Wild Hog Harvested on a Hog Hunting Trip in Oklahoma