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Oklahoma Hog Hunts

100% Free Range Feral Hogs. The Kiamichi River area is where we conduct our Oklahoma Hog and Varmint hunts. This area has a Feral Hog problem.

Oklahoma Cabin Rental

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

Fishing Packages

We had a spectacular time and the stay was VERY relaxing! Beautiful quiet setting, comfortable stay with wonderful accomodations.

Hogs Harvested

Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see. Book your Oklahoma Hog Hunt with us.

Hog Cams

Here are some public albums of some of the Hogs on the property. Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see.

10+ Years of Hogs

See our hog game cam photos for over a decade - so many hogs at Fish Farm Outfitters, it's a hunters dream.

The Cabin

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

Ricks Stuff

Rick Thompson has been hunting and fishing world-wide and has over 30 years of outdoor experience.


Here are some testimonials from some of our Oklahoma Hog Hunting clients.

My son and I went on our first hog hunt ever at Fish Farm Outfitters. The cabin was clean, comfortable and had everything we needed plus more. There were several hunting sites to choose from with a river along the backside. We had a blast driving around the ranch, hiking, and hunting. Great experience and the price was right. We will definitely do it again.
C. DeGarza

Addison, TX 

I’ve hunted several times with Fish Farm Outfitters for Feral Hogs in Oklahoma. I’ve had a great time each time and the night hog hunting is exciting. I’m bringing my business clients next time!
D. Thomisee

Lucas, TX

We’ve been Oklahoma Hog Hunting with Farm Outfitters three times and we’ve already booked our next trip. We love the setup and the scenery! The river fishing is a great add on that is included.
R. Taylor

Phoenix, AZ

My son and I wanted a fathers day hunt of a lifetime. What we got from Rick and fish farm outfitters was above and beyond anything we could have exspected! First off the location of the cabin in the mountains looks like it belongs on a postcard, beautiful beyond description. The cabin was amazing, had everything you could need, very clean! Plenty of room, and the mountain breeze on the deck was like A/C in june.

The hunt itself was even better than expected. We both took good sized boars our first night! With several other chances at other hogs, the stands and blinds were set up perfectly in the best locations. 

There simply was no complaints at all about this place and the hunting, Rick was only a phone call away if we had any questions.

I cannot recomend this hunt enough. It would have been worth the trip even if we never pulled the trigger even once.
Thank you Rick for our best fathers day of all time. We will absolutely be back many more times!

Shane and Anthony Pope


Our trip to your property was much more than we expected it to be. We had no idea that the scenery would be so beautiful and was exciting starting from the drive down. We have never hunted outside our home state of Illinois for a big game species. The Kiamichi Mountains were amazing, we didn’t even know Oklahoma had mountains. The new environment and game species only added to the excitement. The thought that there could be bear, mountain lion, bobcat, and boars running around the woods provided a new element to the hunt. In Illinois, we have whitetail deer everywhere but that is as big as the animals get in the woods we are from. The cabin was beautiful and we were very pleased it had hot running water, electricity, and air conditioning. We couldn’t believe how clean it was and it was nice to have a fridge and microwave there if we needed it. The river was high enough that we could get kayaks in and even caught some catfish and a large mouth bass. We saw carp everywhere and stumbled upon a big cottonmouth down at the river. I wish I would have had a camera for that! We also saw deer, a bobcat, box turtle, hogs, scorpion, and armadillos. The new scenery and animals made this a very memorable trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone whether you are looking to hunt, fish, or just get away for a while. This is beautiful land and we cannot wait to come back again! Thanks Rick for providing this opportunity and setting everything up for us. It was a pleasure working with you.
The Scheirers