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Oklahoma Hog Hunts

100% Free Range Feral Hogs. The Kiamichi River area is where we conduct our Oklahoma Hog and Varmint hunts. This area has a Feral Hog problem.

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Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

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We had a spectacular time and the stay was VERY relaxing! Beautiful quiet setting, comfortable stay with wonderful accomodations.

Hogs Harvested

Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see. Book your Oklahoma Hog Hunt with us.

Hog Cams

Here are some public albums of some of the Hogs on the property. Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see.

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See our hog game cam photos for over a decade - so many hogs at Fish Farm Outfitters, it's a hunters dream.

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Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

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Oklahoma Hog Hunt Tips

For Night Hunting on our Oklahoma Hog Hunts we recommend the following:


The feeder light going off after a couple of hours can be an exciting event but make 100% certain you that know exactly what you are in fact aiming at. Deer, Raccoons, Feral Dogs and Bears (yes Bears) are in the area. At night and with adrenaline you can make a big mistake. Take the time to ID your target with a feeder light prior to aiming. Slow it down.


#1 mistake most new hog hunters hunting at night make…the hogs are coming in and are squealing and carrying on… the new hunter shines the spotlight on them…they run. Don’t do this. Wait until they light up on the feeder light OR you are 100% certain they are in a place that you can shoot them (quickly and safely) with your kill light. Sometimes, depending on moon light, you are able to shoot them just fine from a scoped rifle with just the feeder light, this is perfectly fine if you have a good shot. I’ve done this same thing sans a kill light with archery equipment.


Don’t assume they are ‘blind’ and can’t hear you. Keep the noise down.


If multiple hogs come, slow down and take good aimed shots at one before moving on to others. That said try to service as many as you desire if they come in. See 5.


Typically, if you discharge a high power rifle or shotgun those particular hogs will not return to that area, however if you are using archery equipment they may very likely return.


In the event the feeder does not go off (batteries/malfunctions occur) simply walk to the feeder and hit the test button or manually spin the feeder to throw corn


Use scent masking clothing and scent masking sprays


If the wind is swirling consider hunting out of the ground blinds vs. the tree stands…


Sometimes the hogs are rooting/feeding on the property but just aren’t interested in coming in for some corn. They may be eating roots, acorns, plants, etc. Depending on your ability, moon light, etc you can sometimes sneak up on them based on their squealing, grunting and hit them with the kill light. BE SAFE!


Night vision equipment is allowed and ups the odds. We do not rent this out.


After the shot(s). Wait. If shot at night wait a full 30 minutes to give the hog(s) time to expire. Although when they squeal at night it can make the hair stand up on your neck feral hogs are not monsters. That said bring your weapon when you follow the blood trail.

If you have to cross a fence to recover hogs, please be respectful of the neighbors. If in doubt call Fish Farm Outfitters staff for guidance.

Smile Hog You're on Camera - Hog Trail Cam - Oklahoma hog hunt
Wild Boar Hunt - Hunter with Hog at Feeder - Oklahoma Hog Hunt - Hog Hunting OK