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Oklahoma Hog Hunts

100% Free Range Feral Hogs. The Kiamichi River area is where we conduct our Oklahoma Hog and Varmint hunts. This area has a Feral Hog problem.

Oklahoma Cabin Rental

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

Fishing Packages

We had a spectacular time and the stay was VERY relaxing! Beautiful quiet setting, comfortable stay with wonderful accomodations.

Hogs Harvested

Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see. Book your Oklahoma Hog Hunt with us.

Hog Cams

Here are some public albums of some of the Hogs on the property. Oklahoma Hog Hunting provides ample opportunity as you can see.

10+ Years of Hogs

See our hog game cam photos for over a decade - so many hogs at Fish Farm Outfitters, it's a hunters dream.

The Cabin

Not interested in hunting or fishing? No problem. Come join us for a remote getaway on the Kiamichi River.

Ricks Stuff

Rick Thompson has been hunting and fishing world-wide and has over 30 years of outdoor experience.

Oklahoma Duck Hunting

This hunt includes lodging. The Kiamichi River property was purchased solely for duck and deer hunting. The 15+ acre marsh just off the Kiamichi River is a waterfowler’s dream. The marsh is heavy with Mallard, Wood Duck and Green Wing Teal. The marsh is surrounded by heavy woods so when the ducks drop in the shooting is exciting and in your face. In addition to the marsh the river itself can produce some exciting hunts (when the water level is less than 4 feet typically). This hunt is ‘epic’. How many places do you know of where you can wake up at 6:15 am in January, cook and eat eggs, take a short walk and still be ready to go at first light? Try this hunt. You’ll ask to come back. A third option for extended stay hunts is Lake Nanih Waiyah. This marsh covered lake is public, but has very little competition in this area. This lake is about 5 miles from the cabin. This give three distinct looks for the waterfowler to choose from. This hunt is great for all kinds of hunters; parent/youth, veteran hunters, old friends, executives, etc.

This hunt competes with my own bowhunting whitetail addiction for cabin time so inquire early for availability. See our cabin.

Rick –

For all your readers and hunters associated with Fish Farm Outfitters, please mark me down as one of your fans. My son and I have been duck hunting together for years and never have had a more relaxing and exhilarating time than we had at your cabin on the Kiamichi River in Oklahoma. What else can we do to get away from all the work-a-day hustle and really enjoy each other? The duck shooting was great; nice to see that ducks are so numerous in Oklahoma after I have shot for years in Kansas. By the way, I had almost forgotten how good steaks taste cooked over an open fire. As you know, we could have cooked in the modern kitchen inside the cabin, but my son and I still talk about how fantastic t-bones were cooked over the open fire! Have folks give me a call for a personal reference –

Jim T

Lawrence, KS

Visited for a duck hunt and had a great time. Amazing dog, and very knowledgeable guide. Nice cabin with a great view of the mountains.
Ladd H

Garland, TX

This marsh was formed (centuries?) ago when the Kiamichi River cut an oxbow. It left behind a two foot – five foot marsh (in non drought years). Hunt ducks while surrounded by some of the most scenic views possible during a duck hunt.

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